About Fidelma Fitness

I have all the motivation, knowledge and equipment to help achieve the results you want!

I am passionate about fitness and leading a healthy balanced lifestyle. I am friendly, professional and approachable. My aim is to focus entirely on your goals, including your likes and dislikes. These goals may include increasing fitness, losing weight, specific sports goals, motivation to exercise or the specific needs of referred exercisers with medical conditions. I am also experienced in designing rehabilitation exercise programmes for people that have or have had cancer, fatigue, MS, chronic pain and muscular skeletal conditions.  

Your exercise programmes will be specific, safe, effective, challenging and progressive to help you enjoy and reap the multitude of benefits that exercise can bring.

One of the many benefits of having a personal trainer is convenience. I appreciate the time pressures of today's busy lifestyles and I offer the flexibility of either training clients at their home, at their place of work or outside. I will provide all the motivation, knowledge and equipment and along with your commitment this is all we need to achieve the results you want.




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-Personal Trainer Level 3
  Fitness Instructor
-GP & Exercise Referral professional Level 3
-Cancer Rehabilitation instructor Level 4
-BSc. Hons 
-Emergency First Aid
- Instructor in Supple Strength, HIIT, Core Conditioning, aerobics and Studio Cycling classes
-REPs registered ( Register of Exercise Professionals)
- Exercise for Older Adults level 3