'Your dedication to your clients, your honesty and your motivation. The diversity and flexibility of your workouts, which you tailor to your clients' interests as well as their fitness levels, keep the sessions mixed up so that they never feel bored. I always have fun while working out. You care about heping your clients achieve their various goals and will go the extra mile to see that they succeed.
 I suffered from chronic back pain brought on by an automobile accident I was in three years ago. The muscle under my left shoulder blade weakened and it was difficult to sleep at night from the pain. After training with Fidelma three times a week, I saw dramatic improvements. We did speciffic exercises that helped stengthen my back muscle.s The pain is much less and I am hapy to say that I sleep better now. She has helped me with my overall fitness, as well. My muscles are more toned and my cardio fitness has improved dramatically. 
 I would reccommend you  because you are  friendly, motivational, highly qualified and affordable. You also make it convenient for people who are busy or unable to gyms to exercise stay fit by arranging to meet with them at their homes to work out. I am extremely satisfied and you are  an excellent trainer.'
Reem Katan

'Your exercise programmes are great, especially targeting to the areas I want to improve. Thanks for the encouragement to try different equipment during our progress reviews, these have enhanced my enjoyment especially over the long term'  Gary 
'Fidelma Fitness is for all levels of fitness, from complete beginners to those who already have a degree of fitness. I am an experienced runner who wanted to improve my performance, and Fidelma developed a programme which included interval and hill training. As a result I was able to run a personal best time in the Canterbury 10 mile race recently.
I also attend Fidelma's weekly circuits class which has improved my upper body strength and tone.I would recommend both the class and her personal training sessions. She has a professional approach and is a good motivator, pushing you to achieve but without being pushy, and maintains a sense of humour throughout.'
Heather McCulloch
'Learning one on one was very helpful with the focus being on my particular needs, whereas in a class, the exercises are usually very general. Going back to basics was useful as it reminded me which muscles I am supposed to be using.   As I am not generally a 'sporty' person, being able to visualize which part of the body I am working on is helpful. I appreciated your organisation .Your instructions were very clear and you answered any questions I had again very clearly.I thought you paced the exercises well for me.'   Jacqui Blandford
'Fidelma Fitness provided me with a really personal, professional and supportive approach to improving my own fitness. I was able to see a real difference in my strength, stamina and confidence by the end of a block of sessions! That has given me the motivation to keep going with a range of exercises and fun activities, which I would not have achieved on my own.'   Nicki Reekie
' I particularly like the circuit training classes- you look at us all individually. It's almost like personal training. The stretches, before and after are very good. In fact, the whole class is excellent!'                   Margaret Pitchfork
'I enjoy your classes very much and find the explainations especially useful (knowing which muscle should be used).' Heather Pausch
'It was my first time attending your class and I enjoyed myself very much. I like the good warm up routine and the fact that you worked all large muscle groups throughout the duration of the class. I am overflowing with endorphins and feeling very happy right now! I will definitely be coming again!' Yennshka
'I enjoy the hard workouts where you have to push yourself and I really feel my muscles working. I enjoy how it is aimed at legs, bums and tums which is what I am working on to improve.' Charlotte Parker
'I enjoy the classes a lot. They're fun as well as being physical. I also appreciate the way one can extend the exercises to incease the level'. Sophia Welsh
'I really enjoy your classes. You always push me that little bit further, which is great!'   Scott
' I enjoy  all the exercises you include. My fitness is improving. Thank you!' Eileen 
'I have wanted to get fitter for a while and needed some more motivation. . I already feel more motivated as Fidelma is doing some running sessions which include hill training and intervals- something I find hard to do on my own. She is also doing specific exercises to help me acheive my goals- particularly reducing waist measurement and general overall fitness. Fidelma is a fantastic personal trainer, very patient,thorough, knowledgable and motivating - I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone with any level of fitness if they want to improve.'  Kathryn Ovenden